Are you the parent of a Black Genius, and would you like to participate in our mission to protect Black Genius? If so, you've come to the right place! As part of our mission to empower parents to support Black children's freedom to develop their creative talents and skills, we have launched Black Genius planning online. 

What is Black Genius planning?

Black Genius planning is a process where parents of Black children (ages 3-17) work together with their child to reflect on their child's interests, racial identity, expectations for success, judgments about trust, and comfort navigating non-Black environments in order to understand how to best support the child's growth into a happy and successful Black leader. Black Genius planning consists of creating a Black Genius profile and then completing a goal planning worksheet based on the Black Genius profile to ensure your child and other Black children in your community can channel their Genius to contribute to a more just society.

What are some reasons a parent might participate in Black Genius planning?

  • as an advocacy tool when a child is being treated unfairly or being deprived of opportunities at school.
  • as a cultural tool to help the teacher learn how to be more responsive to the child’s culture when teaching.
  •  as a personal learning tool for the parent to learn more about the child’s interests, skills, expectations, strengths, and growth areas in order to support the child’s healthy development.

How does Black Genius planning work?

  1. First, you will complete a questionnaire in which you will reflect/journal your answers to each question, preferably with the help of your child.
  2. Next, you will receive an email with your responses and steps to input uniform responses into a template to generate your child’s Black Genius profile.
  3. After you have completed your child’s Black Genius profile, you will be directed to a Black Genius goal planning worksheet that enables you to set and track Black Genius goals, which we highly recommend as a guide to put your completed Black Genius profile to use.
  4. After you have set your Black Genius goals and began working toward them, there will also be opportunities to fully embody #ProtectBlackGenius and become an advocate for Black children in your community


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