Ancestors Speak X Future Speaks

If we cannot imagine a liberated future, how can we ever get there?

The struggle for Black liberation does not occur on a linear timeline. It reverberates from the bold actions of our youth, back to the timeless vision of our ancestors, and has manifested in a Free future that has always lived in our DNA. At each step we look back for guidance, reimagine a better future, and follow the path of our destiny.

In honor of this tradition, we thought it would be important AND fun to go back in time, dive into the expressed sentiments of our ancestors who contributed to the struggle for Black liberation and imagine conversations that bring their philosophies into contemporary context. 

We then decided to have similar conversations with some folks who carry this Black liberatory tradition through the present and some youth who will inherit this legacy and decide what liberation means for them. One thing we discovered from these conversations--Liberation is inevitable.

Check out the conversations below...