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African American entrepreneur Richard Burton Fitzgerald struck brick when he opened up his brickyard for business in 1880. From the construction of textile factories to real estate development in the blue and white collar African American West End neighborhood; Fitzgerald’s bricks built Durham. Sweat, bones, and blood of Black and Indigenous forced laborers are in the area’s red clay; there’s more to these bricks than just iron.



St. Joseph’s Historic Foundation Inc. Hayti Heritage Center is a living monument in memory and affirmation of the African American neighborhood it resides in. The former church, now a cultural center, brandishes a symbol of global black consciousness on top of its steeple, a veve for the Haitian goddess Ezili. Hayti, bearing the same name of the first Black Republic in the New World, continues to serve as Black fugitive space for education, civil rights organizing, and artistic expression.


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