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Steven an African American laborer during slavery woke to a dying fire needed for tobacco curing. Fearing what a spoiled crop might mean for his own safety, Steven stoked the fire quickly with coals formulating a brighter and sweeter tasting leaf. The African aesthetics of cool and innovation which Durham is known for created bright leaf tobacco, subsequent black-owned manufacturing factories and a world-known insurance company, and the economic capital to build infrastructure that this great city continues to profit from today.



Tobacco, named “Yinu” by the Occaneechi is one of four sacred plants. Yinu is a gift from the Creator. It is presented to elders upon visitation, used as a healing medicine, and sprinkled upon the earth as an offering. Yinu is smoked in ceremony, a sacrifice that continues throughout the life cycle of the plant, beginning before the seeds are planted and after the leaves have been hung, folded, and/or twisted to dry.

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